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By contributing to our charitable initiatives, you will be helping us preserve part of Wrexham’s mining heritage and inspire future generations. Your support plays a vital role in our mission to save this historic Wrexham building and provide a safe and inclusive haven for people of all ages and abilities.

Preserving history

Your donation will go directly towards rescuing and restoring one of Wrexham’s historic buildings.

Educational outreach
With your support, we can expand our educational programmes, workshops and resources, which provide valuable insights into the mining industry’s past and its impact on our communities.
Community action
Donating to the Wrexham Miners Project is an investment in community engagement and cultural preservation. You will enable us to foster connections, celebrate heritage and inspire local pride.
Wrexham Miners Project

International Donors: Our donations are in UK pounds through Gofundme. You can donate by entering the amount you wish to donate in UK pounds though will be charged the equivalent of that amount in your own currency. Gofundme do not charge conversion fees.

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