Miner Yellow



Connecting creativity with our school communities 

We work closely with schools in Wrexham and the surrounding area to provide a unique learning experience. Our flexible community engagement project brings together local history, arts and culture to inspire creativity and promote social inclusion. Classes and workshops can be tailored to reflect the National Curriculum or to provide a completely new or unique experience for pupils.

Our programmes encourage creativity and collaboration to create a more vibrant and engaged school community. Each programme is carefully designed to support classroom learning and provide real-world context. We make meaningful connections and help students gain a deeper understanding of our local history and cultural dynamics.

Guided tours

Led by knowledgeable experts, our guided tours take students on a journey through the galleries and artefacts of the Miners’ Museum. From the challenges of mining life to the heroism of rescue operations, our tours provide a valuable insight into our history and community. The stories of miners and rescuers inspire students to appreciate resilience, teamwork and the strength of the human spirit.

Plan your visit

Our educational programmes are adaptable for students of all ages, from primary to secondary school. We can accommodate school groups of varying sizes and will work with schools to ensure that every student has a valuable and engaging experience. To arrange a school visit or to enquire about our educational programmes, please contact us.

Stay connected

Follow us on social media to stay up to date with our educational programmes, workshops and special events. Join the conversation by sharing your school’s experiences using our dedicated hashtag, #wxmminersproject.

Wrexham Miners Project

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