Wrexham Miners Project meets William, Prince of Wales

March 2024
Wrexham Miners Project meets William, Prince of Wales

Royal Visit to Wrexham Miners Project: Prince of Wales Commemorates St David’s Day at Gresford Colliery

Wrexham, March 1, 2024 — On the auspicious occasion of St David’s Day, His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales, visited Wrexham to commemorate the historical significance of the day and pay homage to the region’s industrial heritage. Our highlight of the royal visit was Prince William’s final stop at Gresford Colliery Memorial, where he was warmly welcomed by George Powell who then introduced him to Alan Jones the chairman of the friends of Gresford memorial, also are dedicated guides and advocates of the Wrexham Miners Project.

During his visit to Gresford Colliery, Prince William had the privilege of meeting Ruby, one of the first campaigners who played a pivotal role in installing the iconic wheel at Gresford. George Powell and Alan Jones  provided a comprehensive tour, offering insights into the history and significance of the wheel, a symbol of the region’s mining legacy.

Accompanied by his wife, Margaret, Alan Jones also introduced the Prince of Wales to other key members of the Friends of Gresford memorial George Powell then introduced the Prince to the volunteers of Wrexham Miners Project, including his wife Sharon, Kevin Wynne, John Gallanders, and Keith Hett who was the last miner to come up from Bersham colliery. The royal entourage engaged in meaningful conversations with Gregg Vickers and Stuart Skelly from the Wrexham Miners Project disability program and beneficiaries of the resources offered, discussing their experiences and the positive impact of the initiative.

The Prince of Wales took the opportunity to learn about the different equipment on display, gaining valuable insights into the intricacies of mining technology and its historical evolution. Alan Jones provided a detailed account of the mining disaster that struck Wrexham 90 years ago this September, underlining the importance of preserving and commemorating the region’s rich industrial history.

“We are honoured to get the call from Kensington Palace to help arrange the visit from HRH and to show to dedication from the volunteers from both organisations,” .

“It was a privilege to introduce Prince William to the, campaigners, and beneficiaries of the Wrexham Miners Project and The Friends of Gresford Memorial, showcasing the positive impact our initiative has on the community.”

As a parting invitation to the public, the Wrexham Miners Project extends an open invitation for tours, encouraging all interested individuals to visit and explore the historical significance of the region’s mining heritage. The project team is prepared to answer questions about the mining disaster that left an indelible mark on Wrexham 90 years ago, fostering awareness and understanding of the community’s resilience and strength.

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